Saturday, December 13, 2014

Confession of the world shits.

Too much of bullshit had happen, too much of that shit to be handle and be hold to. It just been too much, and its about time to blow up.

In the need to get out from all the bullshit this world had given me for awhile. In need to recover back the old self that has been lost in the process of taking and holding on to the bullshit, to gather back all the strength to hold on, patient, to be invulnerable once again.

By this i do not meant the crazy bitch one.
Overload with tons of works, in need to taken care of people's bullshit. Its been too much. I just a time off, i need to get away from everything that caused the bullshit upon me. Because all those shit makes me a bitch, to struck out the anger to people that i love (but also given me their shit). But somehow i got this humanity, to feel the guilt of being mad (that no one ever had that for giving me their shit). I just dont want to feel the guilt, to feel anything.

I know people would say that life's like a wheel. Sometimes you're up, and sometimes you're down. But seriously that's a totally bullshit. I've been down for so long, been holding on to the shit. So please dont give that kinda crap to me. It wont work, tried it already.

So all i need now i a time out. A TIME OUT. In this time being please dont give me any of your bullshit. I do appreciate that.


Sunday, November 23, 2014

True love's a bitch.

Here's a confession.

You know what, true love is a bitch. Real relationship sucks. 

Its like a deep in sea, so much creatures so much roughness and deepness, so dark that you couldn't see anything. That's relationship. It take two person who blindly fall in love, be together, stuck in a rough relationship and in the end make it to the end or end it just like that. To make it work, it takes both individual to dare to dives into the deep sea. To be able to see the darkness in each other and shines a light out of it. To be able to go through as deep as below in the sea, to be able to fight and protect each other with the other creatures existed in the deep sea. That is how real relationship works.

What i mean is, once you fall in love with a person you fall for the person you know for about 20% of their true self. Because in flirting, or in what so they called the stages of knowing each other and then be as a couple, the individual often shows all the good parts to impress their mates. But as you two got deep into each other, you'll know more hidden parts of them that are so sucks that all you ever wanted and thought to just let go. But it takes a stronger person who still want to be in it, like a challenge. But it still sucks you know. Because in that term of period, you'll get to know how jerks, douche bag, lame, self centered, selfish, dumb, asshole, bitch and all those horrible word you could describe on that partner of yours. 

But then, as time passed by, you'll get used to it (somehow or anyhow). Then you be like saying, "jerk" to him but then as soon as he apologies everything will be normal again. No more melodrama for the day, yayy! But only if you take your chances to be with this jerk of your whole life. Jerks wouldn't be jerks forever, bitches wouldn't be bitches forever. In time, they will also change based on your needs. Well, who want to stay in an unhappy relationship for that long right? Its either you in it, or you out.

But yeah, for a person to change is never been easy, but also never been impossible. Have faith, and be patient. I know you'll be hurt while waiting, but there's always a rainbow after a rain. So, take the chances (only if you know he/she is the one). Its important! You wouldn't want to live you whole life by being sad all the time living with a person who are not meant for you. Because you know what, he/she are not worth having for so make sure that you completely know and chosen the right one.

And as for me, i am still diving in the deep sea, only to know if he's worth having for (is he doing the same thing anyway?). We have our up and down, breakup then kiss and make up (don't exactly kiss anyway). But as far as we've been through, we've been through a lot and he is surely a jerk that i'm in love with. No blame on him cause i am also a bitch that he's in love with, so its fair. A bitch and a jerk. Repeatedly hurting each other and come back to each other.

Its true then, true love is a bitch. Be dare to dive into the sea and be sinking in your sea of love. And note this, if you really love somebody, you'll love all their flaws, moody-ness, ugly-ness, jerky-ness, all of parts of them. Not only when they are happy, being beautiful and all that :')

Monday, October 20, 2014

Social networking services.

By today, i already have four (or more) types of social networking services already, as seen in the image below.

Let say, if we includes Blogger, Gmail and Yahoo account (though this was often used to emailing classmates and sign in to this and that promotion or whatever it is), WhatsApp (luckily i dont WeChat) and KakaoTalk (which i dont really use). So if we total up everything, i have more than five account which i need to remember the username and password for each. Lame. 

Done blogging, need to cook. Very hungry that i could eat a man. Bye.