Monday, July 21, 2014

A reboot.

Selamat tinggal post blog aku yang berusia 3-4 tahun yang lepas. Kalau perasan kat drop box menu tu sekarang history blog post dah semakin sikit, dan itu pun bermula kebanyakkan dari 2012. Cuma dua je post yang aku sayang dari 2011 untuk dibuang. Yang lain, masuk tong sampah sudah. Dan terima kasih 2010 sebab banyak contribute total blog post mencecah sehingga ke angka empat ratus dan lebih semuanya. Tapi maaf, post kau semua taraf budak-budak dan gedik 

Kenapa aku delete blog post sekitar tahun 2010-2011 dan tak buat blog baru je?

Senang. Sebab malas nak tukar layout dan buat itu ini bagi cantik blog. Anggaplah ini semua reboot and rebirth untuk blog baru.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Dear Damon, please come back.

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 finale, i know its been ended long ago but i missed Damon. I somehow play Lucy Rose's Be Alright on my playlist and this song reminds me the scene where dead Damon is talking to alive Elena (as in the video above). And i re-watch this episode on this exact scene and cried for many times as i keep replaying the scene part where Damon is dead.

I know i'm being too emotional, and i am an emotional person. I think i could be an actress as i can be deep into the character - like you know what i'm saying.  LOL. That were a joke. Even if i could but i wont.

Anyway, i am still re-watching this scene over and over again, crying over and over again. Cuz i may be experiencing this someday, of maybe before - losing someone you really loved. 

And dear Damon,

Please be back. Come back for your fans at least if it is not for Elena. I cannot lose you. *cried*


Your fan.

I should stop watching or i'll never gonna stop crying. Plus its late, going to have sahur at 4.I better sleep. Goodnight!


Keep calm and be like Uncle Sim

Its Ramadhan, and i only started to blog now. WOW.

Anyway, i've finished my semester 3 just few days ago. Life has been hell during the examination weeks as i (or should i say truthfully with the classmates) still need to submit all the lab reports, assignments, projects and that during examination week. Here i say it again, DURING examination week, E-XA-MI-NA-TION week.

And with the whole current semester life drama, the whole hell life just getting even worst. Well, lets just skip it. I want to move forward and keep calm and be like Uncle Sim.

Yes, this Uncle Sim who got harassed and bullied by a woman in this fasting month of Muslim, Ramadhan. Not only that, the woman also hit Uncle Sim's car with steering lock and went berserk and included racism in her anger. Oh well, i really dont mind if she went mad and craze and all that, its normal thought, but at least dont hit Uncle Sim's car.

But lucky for that woman, Uncle Sim forgave her without any charges and making police report. I honestly adore Uncle Sim. Just look at the way he dressed, he may not looked wealthy, but he's really wealthy enough to be a wise and a good man, or human. 

May your life be an ease Uncle Sim.