Monday, April 6, 2015

Fairy Tail generation.


Finally, the episode to fight Tartaros has begin. Get ready for your tissue, as you will be bleed with tears for such emotional scene - i know i did.  Especially (spoiler) when Gray met the one man he though had died long ago.

Though, i have shred tears along this flashback with Mavis - on the very first day Fairy Tail is born, alongside with her other comrades.

The first generation of Fairy Tail.

Introducing the very first members of Fairy Tail -  Warrod Seeken, Hades ( former second master of Fairy Tail, and the one who turns up being bad), Mavis Vermillion  (everyone knows her) and lastly but not least, welcoming the first generation of Dreyar to join the guild - Yury Dreyar ( Makarov's father, and a great grandpa to Laxus).

You do notice the resemblance between Laxus and Yury right? Look closely!

Similar eyebrow.
Oh hi gorgeous.

This brings back the memories, the good ones.

The second generation of Fairy Tail.

Younger self Makarov. Spot him.

And nowadays Makarov - Master Makarov, the third, or sixth generation of Fairy Tail master. And by saying this, i suddenly misses Gildarts. Where have you been old man? you dare to leave Cana again. Lol.

The third and today's generation of Fairy Tail.

I love you guys.

P/s : I keep replaying this scene over and over again. I'm touched by watching this scene. Think that i should starts to read Fairy Tail Zero manga by now to know their origin? *long pause* Maybe someday.

I love you all, also.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Missing You, 2NE1

Friday, March 13, 2015

A girl midnight confession #1

You know how sucks it is to had an almost flawless skin but now it seem to be gone a little by little. Girls number one problem in the world. Really sucks. I hate now that my skin turns reddish (because of these small pimples) and that i have gotten a little darker than i were before. I hate it.

Its not that i didnt try for any skincare solution, but it just gotten worst cz its giving me those reddish look, and pimples all over my face. I cannot get all those pimples back on my face (like it did in my semester one two years ago), its like the end of the world to have a face like this.

But its weird, how can things like this be girls huge problem that they want to solve it right away - that they want it to be gone in a moment.  I somehow didn't understand myself either, because the fact  that  there are more people out there that having  worst than my case. But that's the dilemma of being a person who had no skin problem (or not having it badly) before. I don't know how but i want to fix it right away - NOW! I'm freaking hate my face look like this.


Please be gone right now dear pimples. I don't need you in my life.