Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Book review : UNITED AS ONE

United as One -  the seventh and the final book. I just thought that i need to blog about this but then i forgot that i did not blog about The Fate of Ten after The Revenge of Seven (just click on link then it will bring you straight to the Revenge of Seven review). Though, i will include some of the important details of the sixth book here - for what that i remember, if i do remember.

Okay, first thing first, it started with a girl named Daniela, who developed legacies as Sam did in the previous book, and she kinda save the day fighting those Mogs - that somehow she found Sam and John, the three of them traveled together, fighting side to side (as i remembered). The three of them also met, or be found by agent Walker, which now worked with whatever-the-called-the-government-association-name was in fighting the Mogs. The government are trying to defeat those garde in winning their battle against Setrakus Ra, altogether with the new developed human-garde (they called the unit of human-garde as LANE - which i still don't remember what stand for what). I don't remember where exactly Nine was, but i am sure that he has beat the crap out of Five during their fight on whatever and whatever. Five finally being held hostage.

While the others (Six, Marina, Adam, Sarah, Mark) went to the sanctuary, throwing all the Lorien stone altogether into the sanctuary well (i guess), with Seven too. And somehow Eight re-alive, for a moment saying his goodbye to Marina. They managed to rescue Ella, as Setrakus Ra ship goes to the sanctuary to took whatever power of the Lorien that grows in the sanctuary. Though, there was a huge fight between the Mogs and the garde with their human friends. Marina was deeply injured by Setrakus Ra, with broken bones and all that. Six went mad and tried to kill Setrakus Ra, but failed. But she did hurt him, she strikes blade into his chest, and almost got his heart. But she wasn't lucky enough. Sadly, Sarah did not make it alive. She got hurt, got blood all over her body while rescuing, or helping Six during her fight with Setrakus Ra, but with Marina unconscious, no one can ever help her. So the book ends with the last goodbye of Sarah to John.

John was all sad, and very determine to end the war soon. He wanted to defeat Setrakus Ra so badly that he goes all out. Since he had a Ximic, a legacies in copying other legacies/powers, John try to learn on every other power that the garde have. He already developed invisibility from Six and healing from Marina, next he needed to learn to fly by Five, telepathy by Ella and laser-eye-turn-to-stone power of Daniela to defeat Setrakus Ra. He was so determine and went all out during their (John, Six, Adam) hijacked mission of the Mogs war ship. Also, they met Rex, another true born that helps the garde in defeating Setrakus Ra.

Other than that, they managed to find another human-garde - Rigel, Fleur, Ran and another one is the fat-boy-who-can-control-bees-which-i-dont-remember-what-his-name-was. There was so much of conflicts, with the humans that hardly to trust the good Mogs (Adam and Rex, including Nine - for not trusting Rex much),  the garde to trust the well being of the human-garde under the provision of the government (as they might use those human-garde as an asset for military use),  the tension between Mark and John for the death of Sarah, and obviously the self conflict of John for the loss of his love that he want to kill Setrakus Ra by himself without letting the other garde be killed or get hurt, the relationship between Six and Sam, and Ella to the garde and also her great great grandfather - Ra himself.

It is full of tension and excitement, more death, more blood are shed. It is confusing, scary, heart threatening. It is also sad, especially to see few characters died, including the chimaera (and it was Dust, Adam's favorite and also mine - i think i might after this, remembering Dust and Adam). And i was so afraid that more people would die during the last fight, because actually the garde are all by themselves (John, Six, Marina, Nine, Adam, Ella and surprisingly Five) without the help of the human-garde except for Sam, Bk, Dust, Lexa and Rex. They went on the fight just with a few numbers of them, and some might die, get hurt, or losses their body part. But they finally win, well obviously they have to win, no one on earth would want an unhappy ending with the garde lost and Ra wins. NOBODY EVER WANTED THAT. So it is pretty much logic that the garde wins, with the sacrifice of this and that. Though, no one can ever helps to heal the wound from a broken heart. Sarah is still dead, and there is no way for her to be alive. John was right, they may developed powers, legacies, but the garde do not have the power of God in bringing someone's dead to life.
A year has passed after the fight, and everyone seems to have their own life in their own way. Some are alone, some have the company of others. But they are always be united - United as One.

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