Sunday, May 31, 2015


Finally able to finished the fifth book of the I am Number Four series, writes by Pittacus Lore (tho he admit that he is from Lorien in the book).

 Short synopsis :

The book starts with Ella open up her eyes in a Mogadorian territory, afetr being captured by Setrakus Ra. Setrakus Ra reveals to be one of her own, a Loric but somehow transforming into a Mog with an experiment. Adam, John, Sam and Malcom goes to Ashwood Estate and takes down the area. After succeeding it, Adam helps to bring over Six, Marina and Nine to their place by hijacking the Mogs ship. The group separates again with Adam, Marina and Six went to the Loric Sanctuary as they assume to gain more Legacies. While Nine, Sam and John tried to stop the invasion in New York. Ell
a tried to escaped with Five the traitor, but failed as Five were thrown out from the ship. Able to get inside the sanctuary, and meet with so-called-God-of-Lorien, the group are able to meet Eight for few moment as Eight are saying goodbye to Marina. In New York, John tries to kill Setrakus Ra as Ella helps to drain Ra's legacies but be stopped by Five. Ella is captured again by Setrakus Ra while John and the other human survivor try to fight with the Mogs. The book ends after the telekinetic blast, and Sam saying, "Holy shit, did I just do that?"

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