Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Break free.

Life has been hard once you starts being an adult. Like you have so much of responsibilities to held, a life to live, a relationship to maintain and a career to build. And sometimes, it is so hard to hold on to yourself that you needed someone to lift all the burdens up. But in doing so, as i said earlier, a relationship to maintain.

All the bad choices, the mistakes, guilt, fight and breakup, failure, and for that, you always feel like you want to quit on everything, run away and break free. But there's nothing that could save yourself other you. YOU make it happen by facing it rather than running away from it. Be strong dear self, and keep on telling yourself that. You'll get tired, you'll cried yourself, you'll worn out, but that's the real meaning in living. You'll change, you'll grow, but never ever forget who you are before. If its change you to a better person from your past, then just go for it. But if doesn't, stop. You need to take a break and head for a new path, hopefully the right path.

Restructure your life back again, don't take those who loves you for-granted, don't wary yourself out in doing things that you don't like (or hate), and please, be patient. Things don't just happen with a blink of an eye, it takes time. It'll fall into places, someday, and hopefully soon. Break free from those thoughts that weakening you, and pulling you down.

It is a lot to take in, and the truth is, life never get easy, but have faith that it will soon work out for you, or anyone else for that matter.

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