Saturday, September 24, 2016

SC3 Sport Day Throwback.

Throwback post for survey camp's Sport Day, and how i misses those moments with a little family of mine back there in SUG, back there when i am still a student.

It has been passed two months since i finished my studies in Surveying Science and Geomatics. What i expected to be? More to a land surveying kinda of job, analyses the geospatial information, carrying observation with GPS or theodolite observation, marking control points in aerial photos and much more. But that is what i expected to be, at least, since i haven't yet employed with any of surveying related work.

But care not, i am not here to blog about that stuff. I only want to reminiscing the good old day, the fun that we're having during the last sport day in the very last survey camp that i attended to. There is so much fun playing around, not wanting to win but only to play and have fun with those people whom i misses so much now. Especially in this game, watermelon eating game.

Everyone was so eager to eat free watermelon at the first place. And once the game started, once they, including me, started to have a first few bite at the fruit, everyone starts to burst into laughter. Because at first, we were so eager to eat this watermelon that when it is finally time for us to eat it, we were all like "HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA" and yell to each other "Tula tadi semangat nak makan sangat tak sabar", "Woi habiskan tu tadi beriya nak makan" and stuffs like that.  It is hilarious, honestly!

Carry on, as we move towards another game, and then to another game until the end. And who would thought that we managed to get a first place in this sukaneka game. (But truthfully, we did main tipu sikit in completing some one-or-two game.) But overall, we have three best record among all the games yang dipermainkan dalam sukaneka ni.

And obviously, i misses them (that i blogged about this, having to remember the fun time we had altogether as classmate, friends and family).

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