Monday, July 18, 2016

Counting away 1.

The journey is almost end. Finally, after three years and a half, feels like forever to be stuck here. But honestly, some worth it. The friends does.

But it wasn't easy. It never were. The studies is one thing, then there goes the drama that hardly can be handled. I can managed all, except the one involving heart. I hate to argue with friends, to have conflict with them, i hate breaking up, but i have no other choice than to moving on. I just hate all the dramas.  

I want it to end, i want a new start up. I always needed a new start up of life. Away from the things that would break me into pieces. But i cannot go on without remembering them, a part of life, a family, a memories.

Truth, there's a good and bad things i have learned, i have done, with them mostly. But that is what people said right, it matured you. The experiences, the laughing, the hurting, everything is maturing you. I just wish that i am lucky enough to be strong to endure all this. It would not be long anymore, soon, soon enough.

Oh i think i have lost my touch in blogging.
I don't have much to say, just to express this feeling i have inside.

I want to get out, i want to be out.
But i am gonna miss everyone. 

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