Monday, December 21, 2015

Head held high.

I've been in a bad place these few weeks. I cant do things right, i cant think straight, i cant in everything i do. The thought of you have me lost in the depth of sea. So dark, so deep that i couldnt breathe, i couldnt find my way up. I'm just lost. Even today, i still at my lost. But somehow i now feel relieved, atleast the burden that i kept has been out although i didnt get what i wanted. I know its you, i know its me. We both have our path to live on now. But why is it so hard to have it the same?
Well i guess i'm giving up now. I cannot be this shallow, needy, moody person anymore. I dont want to count on you. I'm putting myself first. Not you, not her, not him, not anyone. But me! I give up. I dont want to feel so broken and so lost anymore. I cant do that to myself. Because if i did, i would let myself cried at night just to have my sleep. Because if i did, i would rather stay room and laying on bed rather to have a life. Because if i did, i shut everyone off. And i'm done doing that. I am through. You can have your life, and i have mine. I'm gonna let my head held high now, so i cant see you anymore.
I'm moving on.

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