Friday, March 13, 2015

A girl midnight confession #1

You know how sucks it is to had an almost flawless skin but now it seem to be gone a little by little. Girls number one problem in the world. Really sucks. I hate now that my skin turns reddish (because of these small pimples) and that i have gotten a little darker than i were before. I hate it.

Its not that i didnt try for any skincare solution, but it just gotten worst cz its giving me those reddish look, and pimples all over my face. I cannot get all those pimples back on my face (like it did in my semester one two years ago), its like the end of the world to have a face like this.

But its weird, how can things like this be girls huge problem that they want to solve it right away - that they want it to be gone in a moment.  I somehow didn't understand myself either, because the fact  that  there are more people out there that having  worst than my case. But that's the dilemma of being a person who had no skin problem (or not having it badly) before. I don't know how but i want to fix it right away - NOW! I'm freaking hate my face look like this.


Please be gone right now dear pimples. I don't need you in my life.

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