Thursday, July 17, 2014

Keep calm and be like Uncle Sim

Its Ramadhan, and i only started to blog now. WOW.

Anyway, i've finished my semester 3 just few days ago. Life has been hell during the examination weeks as i (or should i say truthfully with the classmates) still need to submit all the lab reports, assignments, projects and that during examination week. Here i say it again, DURING examination week, E-XA-MI-NA-TION week.

And with the whole current semester life drama, the whole hell life just getting even worst. Well, lets just skip it. I want to move forward and keep calm and be like Uncle Sim.

Yes, this Uncle Sim who got harassed and bullied by a woman in this fasting month of Muslim, Ramadhan. Not only that, the woman also hit Uncle Sim's car with steering lock and went berserk and included racism in her anger. Oh well, i really dont mind if she went mad and craze and all that, its normal thought, but at least dont hit Uncle Sim's car.

But lucky for that woman, Uncle Sim forgave her without any charges and making police report. I honestly adore Uncle Sim. Just look at the way he dressed, he may not looked wealthy, but he's really wealthy enough to be a wise and a good man, or human. 

May your life be an ease Uncle Sim.


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