Thursday, July 17, 2014

Dear Damon, please come back.

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 finale, i know its been ended long ago but i missed Damon. I somehow play Lucy Rose's Be Alright on my playlist and this song reminds me the scene where dead Damon is talking to alive Elena (as in the video above). And i re-watch this episode on this exact scene and cried for many times as i keep replaying the scene part where Damon is dead.

I know i'm being too emotional, and i am an emotional person. I think i could be an actress as i can be deep into the character - like you know what i'm saying.  LOL. That were a joke. Even if i could but i wont.

Anyway, i am still re-watching this scene over and over again, crying over and over again. Cuz i may be experiencing this someday, of maybe before - losing someone you really loved. 

And dear Damon,

Please be back. Come back for your fans at least if it is not for Elena. I cannot lose you. *cried*


Your fan.

I should stop watching or i'll never gonna stop crying. Plus its late, going to have sahur at 4.I better sleep. Goodnight!


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