Friday, January 31, 2014

iCity at 2am.

Attention, this is a pending post that i forgot to blog about. Heh.

Went out with some Samarahan's besties during final exam. It was two days before my third paper start. Went to Paradigm Mall to meet up with Elynn and had some fun at make-over in Sephora. We were actually just goofing around there while Wawa's actually buying a lipstick for her mom.

Dont have much photo there, and before-after photo for our face. After all, we only had our lips and eyelashes done. And i tried for red lips on me, so did Wawa.

Afterward, went to iCity to grab some pictures. However, camera phone wasnt that good so we decided to go back there this year, as i will bring my Babykon (NIKON) camera this upcoming semester. Its gonna be more more more photo shoots! *as if*

See, the photo wasnt that great. *sad*

Oh, before went to iCity, had a midnight dinner at some restaurant in Section 7, Shah Alam.

And starts to goofing around again.

And the craziest things is that we went to Uptown afterwards, and then went back to Petaling Jaya to send Elynn back to her hostel. Such a day!

Anyway, cant wait to have another iCity trip with Ani, Wawa and Elynn, and thinking that we may need to rent a car again to go and fetch Elynn at Petaling Jaya. Well, as long as we be together.


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