Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Welcome back.

Hi! How long has been now?

Its been awhile since i last blogged. Been busy, and tired, no mood and NO internet connection here in Shah Alam. Oh yeah, forgot to update that i am almost here for a month now. Living in own rent house, its cool. Really, i enjoy it as i can cook whatever i want here. It feels like home. And seriously i just finishing cooking - chicken curry and jelly umai. BUT, only this. Others, crap of a bullshit.

First thing first, there is no own transportation to go to class. I have, and should i say that the only way, to take for public transportation to go to class. This, by means is bus. But seriously as a surveyor to be, with the lab-field-work on Saturday, or early in the morning or late on the evening, i really find it is such a troublesome for not having your own transport. Because when its late, at 4-7pm, there are fewer bus pass by, or perhaps, NONE! Sometimes i get sicks waiting for 1-2 or maybe 3 hours for bus to come! I rather walk from SUG building to Flat PKNS, where my home is.Seriously, i can feel the muscle on my leg and the fat is burning away from my body. LOL.

Secondly, money issue. Seriously i dont mind spending more money on food and that is exactly the thing that i've done entirely. But, i guess there's no big issue should be exaggerate here. LOL.

Thirdly, no internet access. By October there will be more comeback TV series such as Vampire Diaries, Arrow, Once Upon a Time and also new drama that is a spin off of a popular TV series - The Originals (spin off from Vampire Diaries) and Ravenswood (spin off from Pretty Little Liars). Gahhh! Feeling stress.

Others? Well, common such as people and studies.


Aze said...

untung nya ada bf dekat da hehe :p

Kero Anyssa said...

hahahhaha :p