Tuesday, November 20, 2012

More download provider that fail me.

Before, Megaupload is closed for being too 'nice' to let the download addict like me to download movies and drama so easily. Then, Mediafire started to limited the download link because they are afraid if they were asked or told to close like Megaupload. Til then, i found out about Jumbofiles also doing the same thing as Mediafire to limited the downloads - and i dont even know whether it is still active or not. Next is Putlocker. I dont know is it only me or the others are also having the same problem as i clicked on to the link, it then appear to an error - a server error.

Based on my learning in ASP, if there is an error on the clicked link, it is cause by the wrong coding. Correct me if i'm wrong because i've left my internet programming a year ago. Plus, its only an elective subject - not my major one obviously.

So i started to use HulkShare. But just now i experience a problem using it. Its says that only the person that have the access can download it - as it is now NOT a public access anymore.


Its really hard to find the fastest download provider nowadays. Everyone of them want to keep their account alive so they need to limited the download link, private the account that only the donor or anyone tha have the access to download it - because ifnot, the might be closed like Megaupload.

This is very frustrating since its really hard for me to find download provider that last longer and fast - even fast using IDM. I would gladly to have any other suggestions on where to find other download provider that were fast, last longer, and can continue its download. How i wish Mediafire would still working properly like they used to be.

Done whining. Goodnight.

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