Sunday, October 28, 2012

Moment with lecturer #2

KFC. This is where i get my another party with another lecturer - that is Mdm Ling Siew Ching. She teaches us mathematics, that MAT338. For Diploma in Science juniors, lucky you guys because you wont be able to learn this code since this code is the last code to be taught for majoring in Physics, DIS student *mumbling.

Okay, actually this party were held as appreciation of our lecturer for helping her in some event in Uitm. Yahhh, jadi pembantu sekratariat gitu. Bangga.

See? Everyone were having fun. Including me. Apa tak, makanan kena belanja. Dahlah madam sampai bagi whipped potato and coeslaw kat aku since aku ngomel yang orang KFC bagi tak cukup. Haishh, memang kaki complaint.

And Ben will always be Ben. HAHAHAHA. She looks really cute here. Eh, akak la tu - since she's older for a year of gap than me. Born in 1990.

Last event, photo session. Hyeahh. My favourite, especially when all of us gather together. Err, does it sound weird? Nevertheless, this is a photo of the two sister that have taught us. The older sister, white dress, Dr ling Siew Eng taught us in semester four - QMT110. And that woman in blue, well, i already introduced her earlier - none other than Mdm Ling Siew Ching.

 The seven of us. Desmond werent here, and Adam couldnt make it *sad.

Thats it to blog. I dont feel good now, currently sick. Off now, goodnight.

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