Monday, September 24, 2012

The very moment with favourite lecturer #1

Hi. Now, how long has i stop blogging bah? Seriously been too busy and too tired with all the assignments, tests and presentation for the past week. Luckily now everything has ended. Alhamdullillah. Though, through all the busy things that we've been through, we manage to handle a small party for our dearest physic lecturer, Sir Robin. Actually this is not the only event that we're having with our lecturer. We also had other events, but for this post let me focus on Sir Robin small party first.
Sir Robin. Okay, he was the coolest physic lecturer i ever had. He's like a father to us, a friend, a motivator. Like for example, aku Dewa dan Ani boleh minta keluar kelas experiment awal after experiment kami dah habis, and he always said "Okay you may go" - just like that. Even he also understand the pressure and the busy moment that we're having due to our ETR project. Macam last sem, untuk projek CSC pun dia boleh faham kenapa kami tak score well dalam test and he even give us the hint doing all the flip flop thingy during Electronic subject test. Like wow, best gila lecturer ni. superb the best, and that is why we are gladly of having this small potluck party for him as a appreciation party for him.

Well i didnt know if there's another student who had this event for him but i were hoping that we are the students that he will remember for eternity. HAHAHAHA. Because i know i will remember him as long as i lived. ang here are somephotos taken during that party. Oh, it was held on last Wednesday, 19th  October at H104. Yeahh, we are having a party in a lab when we were supposely prohibited from eating in the lab. 


Soon after that small party ended, well since Sir Robin had another physics class at 2pm, we continue our small party by taking a lot of group photos.

But the event does not ended just like that. We even met our Academic Advisor, the also Biology's group Bio lecturer to have our photo session together with the Biology students. But first, we had our physics group together with Mdm Liew Gee Moi before combines with the Bio's people.

And there's Lizsberth menyampuk jadi budak physic. HAHAHHA. Well, its okayyy.

And this party with Sir Robin continue at Pizza Hut, on Friday of the same week. He insists to spend the nine of us pizzas. I was really happy because he texted me and Dewa for this.

He spend for about RM169 to spend five regular pizza pan for us. I felt guilty because he spends for so much with us. I'm sorry sir, but thank you for all of this.

Btw i ate for 3 slices of pizza that day which i think it was too much because i often take for only maximum of two slices. I must be very hungry that day.

Thats it for a moment with Sir Robin. To be continue with the other lecturer. HAHAHA. I really think that i've been spending a lot of outside activity with my lecturers this semester. Nevermind, it is my last semester though, Insyaallah. BYE!

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