Friday, August 31, 2012

Jamuan raya di BEL312.

I'm so sorry that i was late to post this blogpost. I was busy like in hell. HAHAHAHA, kidding. But its true, i am busy. Had to study for my test and finishing my assignment although its not finish yet. Well anyway, i blog now. Yeayy to me. So me and my classmate had our Jamuan Raya event in our BEL312 class. It was simple party, but nice and memorable. And i'm glad that everyone is enjoying it.

Okay tak perlu blog panjang, gambar ja lebih.

ME, at the center.
 Oh Adam. Funneh! That boy with papercup glass. HAHA.
Okay honestly, ketiga mereka pembuli terbesar dalam kelas. HAHAHA.
 Desmond, budak paing tinggi dalam kelas. Yeay saya rendah.
With Madam Norseha. The great BEL lecturer ever. Well to think of it, i do have a great BEL lecturers teaching me each semester. Lucky us!
Honestly, saya  hanya jadi background scene ja. Tak planning pun masuk. HAHAHA

That funny moment when you and your friend doing the samething. Showing off your watch acting like you a Power Ranger while holding onto your phone. HAHAHAHA

Honestly, gambar ni sangat lucu. Zoom in ke Desmond. It looks like us, me and Wawa are aout to kiss him. HAHAHA
Group photo.
 The power of hand!
The end.

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